Naming Ceremonies

The birth of a child is a time of joy and celebration and what better way of introducing your child into the family than a Naming Ceremony? This too is a wonderful way to welcome an adopted child or step children into the family, making them feel so unique and special and yet feeling that they really belong in their new family.

I write and conduct naming and welcoming ceremonies for babies and young children, for adopted children and for step-children.

A baby naming ceremony is an alternative to the traditional religious christening, which is usually held in a church. My ceremonies are inclusive and yet personal, they are relaxed, warm and friendly; but the ceremony can be as formal or as informal as you wish. I will write a ceremony tailored to your beliefs and values. I am happy to include a prayer or blessing if the family wish to include a religious item in the ceremony.

A naming ceremony can be held anywhere – in your home, an hotel, by a river, in a meadow, or any place that has special meaning to your family.

Parents and Guide-parents and family members can make personal statements and vows, make readings or play music. They will be asked to declare their support for the child as they grow up. You can include a variety of symbolic rituals; using flowers, petals, unity sand or candles. You may want to release balloons or butterflies or even to include the planting of a special tree. It is wonderful to include siblings and step-siblings as it is an important day for them too.

I can help you with your vows and promises and suggest ideas for reading or poems.

I will present the child with a beautiful certificate which parents and guide-parents can sign at the end of the ceremony.

Please contact me if you would like to discuss the special ceremony that I can create for your child's wonderful day.