Arranging a Funeral

After you, or your funeral director, contact me, I will arrange to visit you at your home, or a mutually convenient location, and we can discuss the sort of funeral service you would like for your loved one.

We will talk about their life, discuss options for music, readings or poems, and whether anyone from the family or friends would like to speak on the day.

You may have other thoughts or ideas for what you would like to happen during the ceremony. This might include displaying a photo, carrying special flowers or mementos to put on the coffin during the service, live or recorded music, or perhaps a request that people attending wear colourful clothes instead of black.

There are no set rules.

I encourage family members and close friends to participate in the ceremony.

You may want to write and read a tribute or story yourself, or ask me to read it. I will assist you in expressing your sorrow and love at a time when you may find words difficult.

Then I will create a life centred ceremony that is tailored to you wishes. I will send you a copy of the eulogy before the day of the funeral, so you can make sure you are happy with it and check that all the details are correct.

On the day of the funeral I will conduct the ceremony and, together with your funeral director we will support you through this emotional event.

This ceremony will be unique and beautiful, and I will do my very best to preside over an occasion that will be just as you want it.

We will make this 'final goodbye' a fitting tribute and a true reflection of the person you loved.